Bridge Over River


The current increase in demand for higher performance at work and in our personal lives at home or in social gatherings, and the pressure for efficiency had led to an increase in negative stress and depression in most societies worldwide. Being busy is associated with being and feeling important, while pausing and letting go are postponed to another time. The feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s demands can blurry our view of who we really are and of what we want in life. Therefore, Ineocoaching aims to help you managing stress in everyday life, to introduce clarity, increase self-motivation and to help you with the right methods to allow you enjoy life in a more mindful way.
We make use of different techniques which have an influence in our general well-being. Starting with dialogue sessions, we also make use of nutrition advice, breathing exercises and meditation to guide you to a more mindful life style. For those who want to engage in a more holistic approach, we also offer therapeutic yoga sessions.