Hi! My name is Lidia and I am the person behind Ineocoaching. After spending most of my life digging into scientific books and trying to answer scientific questions during my studies, I started to notice that all that was not enough to fulfill me as a human being. Since I was a child, I was always fascinated to understand the human behavior and how some internal questions could be answered and why do we react in certain ways. During my PhD studies, I have noticed that many people were way beyond their own body and mind limits in order to achieve goals they have established for themselves. Then, I have seen and experienced burnouts around me and everywhere in the world, and finally I have concluded that life needs balance and also not only scientific questions needed to be answered, but also inner questions about who I was and where I was heading to.


After living for more than 10 years in Europe and 8 of them in Belgium, I have developed the drive to help people in finding the direction they want to go in a smoother way. I have no doubt that life can be difficult and that states of happiness are temporary, but this means that states of loneliness, stress, lack of energy, and depression also don’t have to last long. My goal is to help you in finding your balance again and to look at your difficulties from another point of view, in accepting yourself as who you truly are, and to set priorities on what is really important to your life.

With a background on yoga, meditation and thai yoga massage next to my stress coaching studies, my intent is to use these tools as an asset for those who want bigger changes in their life style.


I will be happy to help you in your journey. Are you ready?